Thoughts: Somnus awakens.

These are my personal thoughts of Final Fantasy XV, which I managed to finish recently. This post is spoiler free, but if you’re sensitive about all kinds of information, and would want to avoid any kind of information regarding the game, please come back after you’ve played the game and finished it.


“This is a fantasy based on reality.” is one of the phrases that always stuck with me from the old trailers of Final Fantasy Versus XIII, which is something that I thought about quite a lot when the game moved on from being Versus XIII to XV. Is that concept still present? Does it still play a major part to what XV is all about? Now that I’ve played the game, I believe the answer is yes, the concept is still present, not just contextually within the game, but also realistically, as our dreams of finally experiencing the game was almost a fantasy, but it is now for sure, a reality… And reality never lives up to fantasy.

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