Thoughts: Depeche Mode’s Spirit

Yes, it’s here, it’s finally here. Depeche Mode’s 14th album is now officially out in the wild. My favourite band is back with a new record… I need to talk about it, I have to talk about it, because I’ve listened to it for more than thirty times so far, and with each time I listen to the album, it grows on me even more. A lot of people claim that the last three albums sounded a lot similar to each other, which makes sense because all of them were produced by Ben Hillier. So what did the band do? One thing, THEY MADE A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT ALBUM! It’s different in its sound, in its production, in its writing, in its atmospherics, and in its approach. This is by far the best Depeche Mode album since 1996’s Ultra. It’s an album that’s so focused thematically, with completely new sounds and subtleties. It’s just mind blowing how they manage to innovate and make such refreshing sounds after 36 years of making music. Both Martin and Dave’s songs sound properly genuine and great, and I can only imagine how amazing they’ll sound when performed live. If you’re a fan of Depeche Mode’s slow songs, fast songs, classic sounds, or even the bluesy stuff, this album will not leave you disappointed, because it has all of those and more!

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Thoughts: Songs of Faith and Devotion.

This is not a review, nor a professional opinion. These are my own personal thoughts, as to why Depeche Mode’s Eight album “Songs of Faith and Devotion” is my favorite musical album. 

Eight seconds of one of the nosiest, most excruciating howling feedback sound, is the beginning of a magnum opus, a masterpiece of musical composition, might I add. An album that manages to reflect it’s images and name through very subdued, and harsh rhythmic patterns. Sound patterns that are difficult to grasp from the first listen, but are surely a spectacle form of music once you get used to it’s hard synthesizer sounds, and heavy rock element. Continue reading →