Thoughts: Somnus awakens.

These are my personal thoughts of Final Fantasy XV, which I managed to finish recently. This post is spoiler free, but if you’re sensitive about all kinds of information, and would want to avoid any kind of information regarding the game, please come back after you’ve played the game and finished it.


“This is a fantasy based on reality.” is one of the phrases that always stuck with me from the old trailers of Final Fantasy Versus XIII, which is something that I thought about quite a lot when the game moved on from being Versus XIII to XV. Is that concept still present? Does it still play a major part to what XV is all about? Now that I’ve played the game, I believe the answer is yes, the concept is still present, not just contextually within the game, but also realistically, as our dreams of finally experiencing the game was almost a fantasy, but it is now for sure, a reality… And reality never lives up to fantasy.

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Thoughts: A duel to remember.

This blog post contains spoilers for the game “Furi” If you have not played the game yet, or didn’t defeat the 8th boss, please don’t read this post until you do so (Unless you don’t mind spoilers)

You walk on shores forgotten by time, you’re calm and steady, your hand is positioned on your Katana-like sword sheath. Eerie ambient music is playing in the background. Where are you? You’re at the edge of the world, almost on your way out of this “Prison Universe” and to your freedom.

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Artwork by "dalisacg" From Deviantart.

Thoughts: “I have no choice”

This blog post has major spoilers for the sixth season finale of Game Of Thrones. If you did not watch it, and don’t want any spoilers, come back once you’ve done that. Gone? Alright, good. Let’s start then! 

Never have I felt so much for a fictional dead character as much as I did today. One that has been dead early on in a story, might I add. For those of you who watch Game Of Thrones, or read the “Song Of Ice and Fire” books, would probably know who I would be talking about. That’s Eddard Stark, also known as Ned Stark. Continue reading →

Thoughts: Warcraft Movie – Curse breaker? Or another disaster?

Before you start reading my thoughts regarding the Warcraft movie, know that it will contain some spoilers. If you simply wanna know if I like it or not, then yes, I do like it. It’s nothing groundbreaking, and it’s definitely not the curse breaker of Video Game Movies, but it’s a good movie nonetheless. With that out of the way, let’s get to it! Continue reading →

Thoughts: Morals.

This post is part of the Ramadan Blogging Challenge. You can find the details of the challenge over Here. So, let’s get into it.

I figured I’d mainly talk about Morals in my first blog post of the challenge.

I would like to start with a question. What is morality? I believe the answers to this question are subjective, and can be quite divisive. Morality is a very broad subject after all. Continue reading →

Thoughts: Songs of Faith and Devotion.

This is not a review, nor a professional opinion. These are my own personal thoughts, as to why Depeche Mode’s Eight album “Songs of Faith and Devotion” is my favorite musical album. 

Eight seconds of one of the nosiest, most excruciating howling feedback sound, is the beginning of a magnum opus, a masterpiece of musical composition, might I add. An album that manages to reflect it’s images and name through very subdued, and harsh rhythmic patterns. Sound patterns that are difficult to grasp from the first listen, but are surely a spectacle form of music once you get used to it’s hard synthesizer sounds, and heavy rock element. Continue reading →

Thoughts: Dragon Age Inquisition


This is not a review, nor a professional opinion. These are just my personal thoughts about Bioware’s latest installment in the Dragon age series 

96 hours, and 32 minutes … That’s how long it took me to finally finish Dragon Age Inquisition.

As I’m walking through the beautifully well detailed desert of the Western Approach, one of the many big areas from the game, I reach an old ruin. There I put my dragon bait, after finishing countless tasks for a Dragonologist and his research … Waiting for the ancient creature to appear.

Drums play with choir version of the game’s main theme.

“Boss, I just wanted to tell you, You’re the best!” Iron bull says since his admiration for dragons is beyond description.

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