Story: He Who Wanders…

“Purple hell, eh?”

“Who said hell was red anyway.”


– Channel 666 –

The distant sounds of footsteps persisted, as it became closer, clearer, and firmer. Keys jangled and a car door opened. The man with the firm footsteps entered his car and slammed the door behind him.

He inserted the car keys into the ignition switch. The engine soared as the man twisted the key. A moment later, the car had settled.

The man went to the car’s stereo system, an old one that swallowed cassette tapes whole, nothing fancy or modern. He tweaked the car’s radio knob, trying to find a certain channel. The white distorted noise kept on roaring through the speakers aggressively, almost kicking off the man’s eardrums from its harshness.

The tweaking continued until the sound started to tune in to the station he was looking for, a radio station that was quite peculiar. Unknown to most people and inaccessible to anyone except for certain people.

The radio picked up a clear line, and uttered…

“…He who wanders the night, lost and confused, unable to find a new lease on life, listening at this late hour to this desolated radio station… You must be pretty fucking desperate to tune in here. However, that’s fine. Life had its toll on you I presume. You must be tired of it, yearning for the only thing that’ll bring you peace. You want death, want to end the very life that you have now and be free of this ongoing misery. Well, you don’t have to, because there’s always another way out… Sin.

Yes, sin for the greater good, for the betterment of people. Sin in order to make things better for those around us who live continuously in the same shit hole that we live in so that they don’t have to go through sinning themselves. We do it for them. Lemme ask you this, are all devils evil? The answer is simply not. This image of sin always being bad isn’t something that’s gonna change, now or ever. People will always look down on sinners, hate them, and call them hateful sons of bitches. But that doesn’t really matter, does it? You already hate this life as it is, and the common definition of justice will not bring people the closure they all need and cry for.

Criminals who commit foul sins for nothing but personal gains do not deserve to live, instead, they get locked up behind iron bars only to be freed one day and walk amongst countless of innocents. Do you believe that’s fair? Is it just? Rapists, killers and thieves walking among us? That’s where you come in my dear lost soul. You’ve got nothing to lose. You’ll fight their foul sin with the good sin. Make sin your power to help the weak. Set things right by putting these criminals down forever. Kill the killers, and fight fire with fire.

You’ve been listening channel 666, Church of Sin. This is father Jeremiah, and I tell you this… Embrace the sin, be the sin.”


– Sixth Puppet –

The engines of the crimson Mustang blasted the road with its roaring sound, it’s dreariness echoed throughout the forests of this desolated area. An old car like this would’ve been barely coughing up any sound, but not this one. The lights on the road shone brightly on the car’s crimson reflective paint, that the moon itself lost its spotlight in the midst of the lonely gloomy sky.

The white-haired man drove silently. His hands were firm on the steering wheel, his slicked back hair flailed with the swift wind, and his eyes were fixated on the road. One could tell that he knew his objective, a stream of clarity was all over his face. This was a man who knew exactly where he was going.

He slowed down the car as he approached a road sign with the number “6” inscribed on it, as a fainted colorful light could be seen ahead. The white-haired man drove closer to the light. It was a bar sitting on the side of the road, it’s timber build and rotten interior looked ancient, forgotten. The white-haired man parked his 69 Mustang in front of the bar and turned off the ignition. Keys jangled as he took them off, and proceeded to put them in his pocket.

The neon sign of the bar that read “Sixth Puppet” hummed as the man took his crimson leather jacket from the passenger seat and got out of the car. An appropriate color to accompany his car’s paint.

He couldn’t help but notice a black owl sitting on top of the neon sign. They shared a brief gaze as the man slammed the car door closed, but the black owl stood still, with his unwavering large forward-facing eyes fixated on the man.

The man grinned for the owl and proceeded along to the bar as he held the jacket on his shoulders. He opened the creaky swinging door to be welcomed by a one-eyed bartender, a red-haired woman by the jukebox, and a couple of bearded men sitting on a table made of jade… One could almost not believe a bar as stale as this would have a table made from jade, but not the white-haired man, despite him being a first timer.

He walked with a firm, slow steps to the bar’s counter, laid his jacket on one of the stools, and sat on the one left of it. The one-eyed bartender approached him. His head hinting a presence of hair, his black messed up shorts barely fitting, and his bare horn tattooed chest open.

“Welcome to the Sixth Puppet.” Said the one-eyed bartender while cleaning a black garnet mug with his strangely shining white arms and continued “What’s your poison?” as the shelf of drinks behind him contained all manners of horrific and bizarre liquids. Bottles of steaming thick substances, jars of unknown bodily parts, and metallic containers with smoke coming from them.

“WE CHASE THE SOUNDS!” Screamed the Jukebox, interrupting the Bartender and the white-haired man.

The screaming sound of the jukebox made the red-haired woman shiver. She embraced her black vinyl jacket out of fear and joined her legs that were covered with an ornamented black dress.

“Lilly, leave that junk alone.” Said the bartender to the red-haired woman.

“So…Sssoo…Sorry… Mr… B” She stuttered as she ran her hands through her fringed pixie red hair to rearrange it.

Mr.B looked back at the white-haired man. “Sorry for that… Drink?” He asked.

The white-haired man picked up a handful of nuts from the counter, threw one in his mouth, and said with a low voice “Hell’s Marsh”.

Mr.B raised his eyebrow “Intense… Coming right up.”

“WE CHASE THE SOUNDS!” Screamed the jukebox again.

“It… it wasn’t… Mm… Me!” Said Lilly shakily.

“Damn jukebox…” Mr.B whispered.

As the Bartender went to fix up the white-haired man’s drink, the bearded men sitting on the jade table stood up, and approached the counter, their faces full of evil intent.

One of them spoke “New face is gracing us at the Sixth puppet!” and the other continued “Yeah, bet the fucker’s in need of a new one.”

“Vanish… Vanish…” Uttered Lilly, holding her jacket tightly. “…Please vanish.”

“You wanna beat me up…” Said the white-haired man, throwing another piece of nut and continuing “… With the intention of?”

“No intentions here buddy, we just don’t like new faces around the Sixth Puppet”

“Especially your kind!”

“So, it’s a foul sin” Replied the white-haired man to them.

“What?” They said in confusion.

“You boys better leave him alone, he’s a Violet.” Mr.B intervened.

The bearded men shook and began to distort like a broken TV screen, switching appearances back and forth from their current looks to ambiguous, unearthly looks.

“Yes… Yes… Please Vanish” Lilly continued.

“Oh, we’re terribly sorry… Mr?”

“Joey.” Answered the white-haired man.

“WE CHASE THE SOUNDS!” The jukebox screamed once again.

“That’s it…” Mr.B took out a hatchet from behind the counter. “…That’s fucking it!”. He walked towards the machine and struck it with the hatchet so hard, the wooden floor cracked. The bearded men vanished with the strike in a blink of an eye, and Lilly screamed “NOISE!”

The jukebox began making distorted sounds, and despite the strike, it was still working. Mr.B walked back behind the counter. “Hell’s Marsh, right?”

“That’s right.” replied Joey.

Mr.B continued fixing up the drink, as Joey turned back, eating nuts, and looking at Lilly. She looked back at him with her hazel eyes and waved.

“Nii… Nice… tooo meet you… Jo…Jo…Ey.” She stuttered with a hint of a shy smile.

He smiled and waved back at her without saying a word. He turned back his face on the counter, as Lilly walked fast towards the jukebox again, tinkering with it.

Mr.B puts a black garnet mug in front of Joey, filled with thick purple liquid.

“Purple hell, eh?” Said Joey.

“Who said hell was red anyway.” Replied Mr.B

As Joey took a sip, the aggravating jukebox was at it again “WE CHASE THE SOUNDS!” startling Lilly once again “It… It… wasn’t…”

“I know Lilly, I know. Damn it, I give up.” Mr.B says desperately as he casually cleaned his eyes with the rug and continues. “So, Joey, what’s your business here? I doubt a violet like you is just passing by.”

“I’m going to sin.” Replied Joey

“Father Jeremiah?”


“You must be pretty desperate to wanna be a part of the hive”

“Oh well, a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do, right?”

Mr.B chuckles “That’s not always the case buddy.”

Joey smirks “Everything’s got a reason.”

“I’ll drink to that.” Mr.B said, holding a mug of milk. They clink their mugs and drink together.

“Who is it?” Asked Mr.B

“His name is Mike… Little Kids.” Joey replies.

“And they say we demons are fucked up”

Lilly manages to get the jukebox working. The darkwave tunes of ‘Your Master Is Calling’ take Lilly to a whole new world. She drifts away, raising her arms wide open like a soaring eagle, dancing to the music, and spinning carelessly. Her legs move with sublime tenderness across the wooden floor, so sublime that no creaking sound can be heard.

“She’s a dreamy one.” Remarks Mr.B

Joey nods in agreement.

“Well Mr.B, thanks for the drink.” Joey says and takes one final sip. “I gotta hit the road now.”

“Good luck kid… That white hair ain’t fooling me” Replies Mr.B

“Ain’t trying to fool anyone” Joey winks at him, takes his jacket, and gets up.

As he walks towards the exit, he looks back and takes a final glance at the Sixth Puppet, waves at Mr.B and Lilly, then leaves. He finds the black owl still at the top of the neon sign.

“I know you’re chasing the sounds” Joey said to the owl.

It hoots and leaves.

Joey enters the car, turns it on, leaves the parking and drives away to the sound of darkwave tunes… The bar disappears.


– Channel 666: The Embodiment –

“This world holds many secrets, many mysteries. We go on about our daily lives never questioning the unspeakable strange phenomena that surround us, never measuring the value and weight of each committed sin. Judgement’s passed down easily, it’s what we succeed at immensely, judging others because it seems right in people’s little fucking pathetic point of views. That’s their shell, the shelter that they take refuge in to justify their decadent needs… This is where hypocrisy shines like no other time. We’re all sinners, and that’s factual. We go to cemeteries mourning the death of friends, family, and loved ones, never realizing that we’re looking at graves of hundreds of unjudged sinners. It feels as if it’s passed down from up high, an acceptable sin that seems to get a free pass from everyone because they lie in the dirt.

That’s where we are different. We accept it and embrace it. They do not know of the background world, where sin is the very foundation of everything. However, we’re very well aware of it.

We watch all, observe the sin, and take no shame in being accused of it. We do what others wouldn’t because there’s no point in doing good the “Right” way anymore. If a demon or devil does something good, will people give them the credit they deserve? Of course not! They’ll still be labeled a fucking hellish demon.

We lie in the background world, ready to sin the real sin.

You’ve been listening to channel 666, church of sin. This is father Jeremiah, and I tell you this… Embrace the sin, be the sin.”


– Waiting Lounge –

“WE HAVE WAITED A LONG TIME FOR THIS!” Screamed the queen ant to her followers, all sitting on the pavement on the side of the road.


“Why are you screaming?” Asked an injured ant with pallor all over its face.

“YOU SHUT THE FUCK UP SERVANT!” The queen replied.

“Goodness gracious, you’re harrowing.” Said the injured ant to itself.

As the queen kept on screaming to unite the ants onto crossing the street from one pavement to the other, a fellow ant approached the injured one.

“Hey, what’s up?” Asked the ant.

“What’s up? So just let me make this clear…” The injured ant collected its thoughts and continued “…We’re standing on this substantially shitty pavement, living in a kakistocracy under a freaking mad queen with a sponge of a brain, all ready to get run over by fucking cars, and you have the decency to ask what’s up?”

“Just trying to make small talk…” said the ant and nervously and smiled.

“Buddy… fuck off.” replied the injured ant and moved on, heading to the front lines of the group.

The curious ant followed him “Hey wait, really, I just wanna know how it’s going to be like on the road? This is a big day for all of us, y’know?”

The injured ant hysterically laughed “Bitch, here’s what’s gonna happen.” The injured one looked back at the curious ant and continued “We get on the road and halfway through, bam! We all get squashed and become street shit stains, but guess what?! The queen’s got wings, so that bitch just buzzes away, while the rest of us here hit rock bottom. If you’re lucky, you survive with something broken in you, I ain’t talking physically only, you’ll go fucking mental, just like your queen over there. So yeah, that’s how it’s gonna be like.”

“Dude… That’s not comforting.”

“You’re damn right it isn’t, I didn’t sign up for this shit.”

“Why are you doing it then?”

“Because I want to be to the other side of the pavement really bad.”

“What’s in there?”

“How ‘bout you stop asking questions.”

“Jeez, alright.”

The queen ants finish her sermon and scream “ANTS! TO THE OTHER SID…”

The curious ant interrupts “Wait! You’ve got wings, so you can escape this easily. That’s not fair!”

The crowd murmurers in agreement.

“You all motherfuckers never realized that till now?” The injured ant asked.


The group of ants started arguing, chaos ensued afterwards, and everyone was in disagreement. Their faith in their queen was shaking.

“Fuck this, I’m going in.” The injured ant said and proceeded to cross the street alone.

All the fighting stopped, and a moment of silence hit the air as everyone gazed at the injured ant in awe. Shaking out of the injured ant’s courage, but also out of fear of him getting run over. The injured one didn’t care, with each step he took, he felt more confident, but the crowd more scared. If he made it, all their doubts would be gone, and their courage would be regained. He kept on going, stepping on the harsh road, holding his weight over… Until his legs touched the soft texture of the pavement on the other side, he had made it.

The group of ants screamed in joy, even the queen couldn’t believe it. Without hesitation or second thoughts, they all came rushing to the other side with the queen, and in a blink of an eye, the crimson mustang ran them all over and stopped on their side of the pavement. Joey got out of the car, and walked towards the other side and into the woods.

The injured ant looked at squashed ants “Well, at least you got run over by one fine looking ride.”

The injured ant looked back at Joey and followed him to the woods.

As they both delved deeper, two twin owls of the wood hid away on top of the trees, observing Joey’s movements and actions. They look at each other as they notice Joey moving deeper into this desolated place in haste.

“That man’s up to no good, which is good!.” Said Angra and continued “The lifelessness in this place has been going for far too long, I need some action!”

His twin brother Spenta replied “Oh dear brother, don’t say things like that.” He wraps his left wing around his brother “Nothing beats the peacefulness of the wood. It’s so soothing.”

“How about you fuck off Spenta?”

“I don’t like your language Angra, so disrespectful!”

They both argued, as the black owl reached the woods, and stood on a branch in front of the twins. His gaze upon them shook the very core of the twins, and they stood still with no words, gazing back at the black owl.

They uttered their final words.

“Oh my…” Said Angra.

“Fuck…” Said Spenta.

They fell from the branch they were standing on and passed out.

The black owl continued following Joey deep into the woods, as Joey was slowly reaching his destination.

It was a wide green space in the middle of the forest with a waiting lounge setup. A red circular carpet sat in the middle of the space, two chairs, a wooden table with a bag on top of it, a standing door, and a jukebox connected to a generator.

Joey walked towards the jukebox, turned it on, and sat on one of the chairs.

“We chase the sounds.” he mimicked the jukebox sound at the bar.


– Channel 666: The Final Sermon –

“Lost souls are the fuel of sin. Men and women who have forgotten the way of life, who lost hope in this depraved, immoral, and dying place we call earth. They’re the ones who pave the way for sinful justice, the only form of justice that matters. Is it a sacrifice what they do to further support the cause of sin? Of course not, for they were going to perish anyways in the twisted realities they spend their daily lives on.

That thing they call “Strong Human Will” is no longer a part of their mentality, and that’s when the divine sin touches it. Those who put everything aside, and delve deeper into the fabrics of divine sin are marked as “Violet”

The violets are the chosen ones who will transcend into the background world. For when they’re marked, one final sacrificial sin is required and afterwards, they become one with the divine sin.

And when the time comes… When the day of judgement comes, and the thin line that covers the background world from the earthly one, chaos shall ensue! And on the front lines will be the violets, embracing that chaos and destruction, for in the end there will be nothing but darkness!

The earth itself will bloom in blackness and overflow with the blood that’s coughed up from the heavens! The sun will grow red and the moon burst in flames, the ground will consume the people and the stars will explode, the seas shall fucking rage and obliterate the mountains that stand in its way… Then there will be nothing… All will be gone. That is how life will end, and we sinners embrace the chaos, for that is our salvation. You’ve been listening to station 666, church of sin. This is father Jeremiah, and I tell you this… Embrace the sin, be the sin.”



The black owl reached the place and stared at Joey as he stared back at it.

“You stand witness.” Said Joey to the owl and repeated the line again as he pointed his finger at the owl “You stand witness, do you hear me?”

Strobe lights started shining brightly from inside the woods, and slowly became more clearer as it approached the place. A biker with purple hair reached and got off his bike.

“Yo Joey!” He shouted at the white-haired violet.

“What’s with the strobe lights, Mark?” Joey asked.

“What’s wrong with having a little bit of fun?”

“We’re supposed to conduct business in this place.”

“And party afterwards! Speaking of which, why the fuck does this place look like a waiting lounge?” Asked Mark.

“Just sit down, and let’s wait for the dealers to come.”

“Cool, cool, cool,” Said Mark as Joey stood up and walked to the table. He picked up the bag that sat there and opened it. Mark grabbed a beer from the container in his bike, sat down, and started drinking while observing the place. The shifty lights of the strobes made every look a focused frame. In every frame within his eyes, he noticed something.

A jukebox, a standing door, a tree that’s barely standing, a black owl, and then red-haired Lilly standing near the jukebox.

“What the fuck?!” Screamed Mark as he was startled. “Who are you?!”

“Van… Vanish… fast.” Said Lilly

“Leave her alone, she’s with me.” Joey replied back to Mark.

The purple haired man was getting confused, suspicious, and scared by the many things gathered in this place “I’m not sure why you would bring someone young like her here, or even bring all of this shit to a drug deal. What the heck, Joey?”

“Well, for starters, you like them young, right?” Said Joey.

“You’ve got that right…” He hesitantly replied.

Out of fear and confusion, he shifted his focus to something else. He looked at the barely standing tree. Its lower part was cleaved, and it seemed like a simple push would make it fall. Mike grabbed a couple of rocks to throw at the tree.

He threw the first rock, and the tree stood still.

He threw the second rock, and the tree stood still.

He threw the third rock, and the tree stood still.

And as he was going to throw the fourth rock, Joey smacked him in the back of the head with a shovel. The tree fell, the strobe lights stopped.

Mark fell alongside the tree to the ground, conscious but unable to move or control himself.

Lilly tinkered with the jukebox, and the machine played ‘Violet’s In A Pool’. Joey grabbed the purple haired Mark from his head, like one would hold a lantern, and dragged him to one of the chairs. He chained him up in the middle of the place, grabbed his legs, and laid them on top a small table that sat underneath the big table.

Lilly danced away and moved to the sound of brooding music, as Joey grabbed a hatchet and stood next to Mark.

“Why? Just… lemme… Go. Pllee…ase.” Said mark in an unhinged manner.

Joey looked at the black owl “You stand witness.”

With every dancing step Lilly took, a stream of blood followed.

“You have sinned greatly Mark…” Said Joey, and adjusted the hatchet to Mark’s right leg. “… All of those innocent children did not deserve what they got…” He raised the hatchet, ready for a swing “… And sin can only be fought with sin… a divine sin!”

Joey swung the hatchet, and it delved deep into the skin and bone of Mark’s leg. Howling screams and splashes of blood followed.

“That was for Little Mike.” Said Joey in anger.

Lilly’s dancing continued to the echoing sound of music, she smiled widely as she became drenched in blood, moving in a pool of the red liquid that took over the area, as if the ground itself pumped blood, but it was coming from Lilly itself. Her vinyl jacket and black dress were no longer black, but red and drenched in the excessive blood that’s coming out of her steps.

Joey takes a second swing, and the right leg becomes completely severed. The howling screams do not stop.

“This one’s for Mariah, a four years old you fucking bastard!” Screams Joey as Lilly’s rolling in the pool of blood and chanting “Oh my savior… Oh yes! Make them all vanish!”

Joey swings the hatchet on the other leg, cutting it completely in one swing.

“For Sebastian, Lucile, and Diana!” Says Joey, and then plunged the hatchet deep inside Mark’s head in a final swing. Joey rubs his face with the splashing blood from Mark, as Lilly, laying down, raises her hand from the pool of blood, and the black owl sits on her arm.

The owl holds her and flies with her to the standing door, as it slowly opens to reveal a bizarre unknown world. Joey’s eyes are fixated on a shadowy figure that’s walking towards his side of the door from the bizarre world. The owl flies towards the figure and lays Lilly in the arms of the shadowy figure. He caresses her hair and says “Oh my dear Lilly.” and kisses her on her forehead. He raises her as she floats away upwards, dancing in the air.

As the shadowy figure comes close to the door, Joey can’t help but tear up and smile. The figure reaches the door and reveals a pale grey face with red eyes and a beard made of fire.

“We’ve chased the sounds, and you’ve done well my violet.” Says the fire bearded man.

“Father Jeremiah…” Says Joey in awe.

“Yes, son…”

Joey’s eyes burst into tears “Embrace me father, for I have sinned.”

Jeremiah raises his arm towards Joey, and the mortal man starts floating towards the demon priest. He slowly reaches him, and once he does, Jeremiah embraces the sinner and the door closes slowly. An ant enters the door alongside Joey.

The door closes, the music stops, and the door turns into ash.

Everything disappears, the world is normal.


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  1. a weird man comes to a Soviet writer in Moscow in 1944, introduces himself as “Ahasver the cosmopolite” and claims he is Paul von Eitzen, a theologian from Hamburg, who concocted the legend of Wandering Jew in the h century to become rich and famous but then turned himself into a real Ahasver against his will. The novel



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