Lovely Things: Music Of The Week – Final Week (Brought to you by MJ Keenan’s vocals)

66 Weeks filled with diverse and good music. It’s been a great experience, and I hope it was fun for everyone just as much as it was fun for me. To everyone who participated, thank you so much.

1 – Tool – Vicarious

2 – A Perfect Circle – The Noose

3 – Tool – Schism

4 – Puscifer – Dear Brother

5 – Puscifer – Potions (Deliverance Remix)

Recommendations from the loveliest of music lovers:

Faris Al-Sobyani (@blurryfaris)

1 – Within by Daft Punk

2 – Parsephone by Cocteau Twins

Sahar (@sahar_alz20)

1 – Sylvia by Human Resources

2 – Glimpse Of Love by Franz Ferdinand

3 – I Have No Hometown by Hyukoh

Mashael (@pikamesho)

1 – Treasure by Flyleaf

2 – Holy Mountains by System Of A Down

Rayan Al-Sharief (@Raynay2)

1 – Wish by Diplo

Atheer (@Athorey_YomikoO)

1 – Reigns Over Me by The Mayfield Four

Faisal Otaibi (@FaisalOtb97)

1 – Far From Home by Five Finger Death Punch

2 – Wrong Side Of Heaven by Five Finger Death Punch

3 – Soldier Of Fortune by Opeth


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