Lovely Things: Music Of The Week (51)




1 – On Dead Waves – Blue Inside

2 – Phoenix – Ti Amo

3 – Minor Victories – A Hundred Ropes

4 – Lost Under Heaven – I&I

5 – Black Light Smoke – Firefly

Recommendations from the loveliest of music lovers:


1 – Fiction by The xx

2 – Graveyard Whistling by Nothing By Thieves

3 – Tightrope by LP

Rayan Al-Sharief (@Raynay2)

1 – Gravity by John Mayer

2 – John Wayne by Cigarettes After Sex

Mohammed The Magnificent (@_mhmdb)

1 – Different Breeds by London Grammar

Ibn Afif (@MBAfif)

1 – Take Me Somewhere Nice by Mogwai


    1. Eyes wide by meadowlark
      Going to talk about the song as an audio FILE, not the video, although I am going to talk about it a little bit.
      the song begins with a mild-low tempo, with a faint voice saying: “Wake up, wake up Your heart is heavier today Can you feel it?” just your normal waking up.
      keep your eyes wide
      for fear of being lead astray…..from a soothing and faint waking up to a warning! that’s a change of rhythm.
      And this is the whole anatomy of the song, it keeps repeating the same thing in the beginning but in a good way, there was a great climax and falling down within the lyrics and tune.
      The video clip can be described in one word: Weird
      It’s so weird but so straight, complicated but simple, great image quality and cinematography-ish
      Round up:
      Really good song, one of my favorite songs ever;.



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