Lovely Things: Music Of The Week (31)

The passing of Chester Bennington from Linkin Park marks a very sad week for music. He was someone whose work and spirit brought joy to a lot of people, and influenced many artists and musicians.

I can’t speak for everyone of course, but Chester and Linkin Park were a big part of the music that I used to listen to as a kid, and the first song that I ever encountered from the band was “Numb”.

A very clear memory that I have is when one of my brothers showed that music video to my mother, who isn’t interested in music. However, she appreciated it, and enjoyed the song and the scenario of the video. It’s one of the memories that stuck with me. It made me kind of go “Wow, maybe mom could get into Linkin Park!”. Of course she didn’t, but it’s was a nice moment that I always remember when I’m listening to them.

His spirit lives on through his music, bringing joy and smiles to people. Rest In Peace Chester…


1 – Linkin Park – Leave Out All The Rest

2 – Sound City: Reel to Reel – Mantra

3 – Nine Inch Nails – Everyday Is Exactly The Same

4 – Strange Days OST – Hardly Wait

5 – Jack Garrett – Water

Recommendations from the lovelies of music lovers:


Fares Al-Yahya (@freesyaya)

1 – I Feel It Coming by The Weeknd

2 – White Flag by Dido

3 – No Way Down by The Shins

4 – Dreams by The Cranberries

5 – 11th Dimension by Julian Casablancas

Mohammed The Magnificent (@_mhmdb)

1 – The Sun by Parov Stelar

Meshael Abualnaja (@pikamesho)

1 – Just Like You Imagined by Nine Inch Nails

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