Lovely Things: Music Of The Week (27)

It’s been a pretty slow week, with a lot of laziness too. However it was a pretty good week for music. A mix of new discoveries and old tracks that I really love.

Oxenfree’s OST was an atmospheric treat that took me to magical places. Going Backward’s single release as a live session felt much more calm, yet raw and striking. Radiohead’s Man Of War dropped from the OK Computer remaster, which was an unreleased song… It’s amazing. TR/ST’s Candy Wall is an old track that I remembered because of Oxenfree’s music. Finally, I’ve been on a System Of A Down fever, and I love them so much!

This week’s recommendations are overwhelmingly amazing! One of the best in my opinion! Please give all of them a chance, because they’re awesometacular!

(Note: The following song isn’t available on Spotify

1 – Stars by REEPS ONE & DUB FX)

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Thoughts: Is.Leave.Possible.

This is not a review, it’s mainly my personal thoughts on why I really loved Oxenfree, a narrative driven adventure game developed by Night School Studio. 

Ever had a game shelved (Can I say “Shelved” if it’s in a steam library?) for months and months, and one day you had nothing to play, so you decided to come back to that game? This was basically the case with Oxenfree for me, and oh boy I regret not experiencing this spectacular narrative driven game back when it was released! I’m a person that feeds on stories and proper narratives, and Oxenfree hit all the right spots for me, delivering an experience I won’t forget anytime soon.

Tuning In:


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Lovely Things: Music Of The Week (26)

E3’s been wild! As usual, it was a great time for gatherings and checking out the newest stuff in the realm of video games. It’s one of the things that I look forward to every single year. E3 is simply put, a pure joy. However, that does not stop the flow of great music from pouring! This week’s list is varied and awesome. The Afghan Whigs is a band I stumbled upon in the most random way possible, and their sound is incredibly unique. SIAMÉS’s The Wolf is one of YouTube’s (Very rare) amazing recommendations, and it sounds superb! Hands down one of my favourite songs this year. Arcade Fire’s Creature Comfort is something I’ve been looking forward to, and I loved it more than the first single!. Duran Duran’s Ordinary World is something I stumbled upon through The Evil Within 2’s E3 trailer (WHICH YOU SHOULD TOTALLY WATCH!) although the version is the trailer is a cover, a cover that I can’t seem to find at all, and that makes me sad because I really liked the cover! Finally, Lorde’s new album dropped, and Sober was one of the songs that really stood out for me.

Of course as usual, lovely people keep on sending recommendations, I love them for that!


IMPORTANT NOTE: The following song aren’t available in Spotify

1 – Fallen by Jaden Smith

2 – Zero Theme from Megaman X4

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