Lovely Things: Music Of The Week (19)

It’s been a pretty nice week, and I’ve managed to stumble upon some pretty cool music that I discovered. Low Roar dropped their new album, and it’s superb, so I had to pick a song from there. Lord Huron’s songs continues my obsession with 13 Reasons Why’s music. Supermassive Black Hole was a Shazam find. Lorn’s discovery lead to me finding Cherry Moon, and finally A Deafening Distance is just because I kinda miss Post Rock. This week I also performed with my friend Faris (We’re Skeleton Crowd) live! and it was pretty awesome! You can watch the performance in here.

Recommendations keep on coming because people are amazing! and just as always, stellar set of songs in there.

1 – Low Roar – Waiting (10 Years) (From Once In A long, Long while… album)

2 – Lord Huron – The Night We Met (From Strange Trails album)

3 – Muse – Supermassive Black Hole (From Black Holes and Revelations album)

4 – Lorn – Cherry Moon (From Nothing Else album)

5 – God Is An Astronaut – A Deafening Distance (From All Is Violent, All Is Bright album)

Recommendations from the loveliest of music lovers:

Faris Al-Yahya (@freesyaya)

1 – Blackstar by Radiohead

2 – Bodysnatchers by Radiohead

3 – Chained To The Rhythm by Katy Perry

4 – Cherish The Day by Sade

5 – Consideration by Rihanna

Mohammed Fahad (@mohfunk)

1 – Anarchy Road by Carpenter Brut

Mohammed The Magnificent (@_mhmdb)

1 – Speak To Me by Amy Lee

2 – The Sun by Parov Stelar

Faris Al-Sobyani (@BlurryFaris)

1 – Octavarium by Dream Theater


1 – Arsonist’s Lullabye by Hozier

2 – Monster by Starset

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