Lovely Things: Music Of The Week (19)

It’s been a pretty nice week, and I’ve managed to stumble upon some pretty cool music that I discovered. Low Roar dropped their new album, and it’s superb, so I had to pick a song from there. Lord Huron’s songs continues my obsession with 13 Reasons Why’s music. Supermassive Black Hole was a Shazam find. Lorn’s discovery lead to me finding Cherry Moon, and finally A Deafening Distance is just because I kinda miss Post Rock. This week I also performed with my friend Faris (We’re Skeleton Crowd) live! and it was pretty awesome! You can watch the performance in here.

Recommendations keep on coming because people are amazing! and just as always, stellar set of songs in there.

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Lovely Things: Music Of The Week (18)

It’s Saturday, so it’s music, and that’s that, no other way about it. Pretty interesting songs this week, as I kind of been listening to songs in an unfamiliar territory for me, most of which I found in 13 Reasons Why, the Netflix TV show.

Another set of recommendations are also present, and they’re some really nice stuff!

(Important Note: Songs with “*” aren’t available in Spotify)

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Lovely Things: Music Of The Week (17)

It’s Saturday, and I guess that just seals it. Let’s dive into some music together, shall we? Some of today’s songs I managed to stumble upon randomly. Complicated’s 80’s vibes gripped me immediately, and the dark vibes of the chorus lingered in my mind, despite it’s simplicity. Kasabian’s song felt new refreshing, and had a striking sound. another two I discovered from a Netflix show I’ve been watching called Thirteen Reasons Why (Which I might write about), and they’re incredible, the first is Young & Unafraid, and the second is Doing It To Death. The final song is Joy Division’s Love Will Tear Us Apart, which I knew from a while ago, but the show reminded me of it.

And of course as usual, some lovely recommendations from awesome friends.

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Lovely Things: Music Of The Week (16)

Another Music Of The Week post! And this one has some really nice discoveries with some returning names but with a new sound! Jamiroquai’s incredible vibes and funky sounds hooked me up immediately, Fleetwood Mac’s sound is familiar but striking, Low Roar’s touch is still as strong as ever, Deine Lakaien’s incredible atmosphere was unexpected, and The Mission’s gothic beauty is just as strong as ever!

Let’s not forget the incredible recommendations from everyone! They’re diverse, unique, and worth a listen!

(IMPORTANT NOTE: The Following songs aren’t part of the Spotify playlist, because they’re not available:

1 – Sorrow from Resident Evil 4)

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