Lovely Things: Music Of The Week (14)

Another Saturday filled music! Even though I’ve been listening to Spirit non stop, I still managed to stumble upon a couple of really cool songs Of course as always, lots of cool recommendations too!

(IMPORTANT NOTE: The Following songs aren’t part of the Spotify playlist, because they’re not available:

1 – Pascal (Vocals) from Nier Automata

2 – لن أعود للوراء )

1 – Nier Automata – Pascal (Vocals)

2 – Gorillaz – Andromeda (From upcoming album Humanz)

3 – Onuka – Other (From Vidlik album)

4 – The National – Fireproof (From Trouble Will Find Me album)

5 – CAMOUFLAGE – Love Is A Shield (From Methods Of Silence album)

Recommendations from the loveliest of music lovers:

Rayan Al-Sharief (@BlueAngel288)

1 – Aureate by The Swan Thief

Ranad Abid (@LeZeldaa)

1 – Dangerous by David Guetta

2 – Love Is Gone by David Guetta

Mohammed The Magnificent (@_mhmdb)

1 – Lost by Within Temptation

2 – Still Here by Digital Daggers

3 – Creep covered by Daniela Andrade (Originally by Radiohead)

4 – Breath Easy by Blue

Nidal Ghonaim (@nidalghonaim)

1 – لن أعود للوراء من ايروكا

2 – Killing For Love by José González


1 – Places You Will Go by Patrick Watson

2 – The Great Escape by Patrick Watson

Obay (@obokha)

1 – Muhtemel Aşk by Gripin

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