Lovely Things: Music Of The Week (12)

I believe that everyone who knows me pretty much knows how excited I am for the release of Depeche Mode’s 14th album Spirit, and with that said, there’s been a huge scarcity with music for me, because I’m pretty much been listening to Depeche Mode non stop in anticipation of the album! But hey, that doesn’t mean there weren’t new music this week, as a matter of fact, there are some pretty cool songs! So another week, another set of songs, and another set of recommendations. Please enjoy!


Next week though, you better be prepared. Cuz it’s all gonna be Depeche Mode mania!


1 – Ben Howard – Oats In The Water (From The Burgh Island EP)

2 – Band Of Horses – The Funeral (From Everything All The Time album)

3 – Rag’n’Bone Man – Human (From Human album)

4 – Ten Second Songs – Chop Suey (In the style of Ghost)

5 – Lorde – Green Light

Recommendations from the loveliest of music lovers:

Abdullah Babrouk

1 – Little Boy In Corduroy by Donovan

2 – Balance Her In Between Your Eyes by Nicolas Jar

Nidal Ghonaim (@nidalghonaim)

1 – Closer by Joshua Radin

Mohammed The Magnificent (@_mhmdb)

1 – My Heart Is Broken by Evanescence

2 – Dust In The Wind by Kansas

3 – Summer Wine by Lana Del Rey

Ghalia (@scritto_doloros)

1 – Lullaby Of The Moon by David Vitas ft. Elsie Lovelock

Obay Bokhari (@obokha)

1 – Face The Pain by Stemm

Rayan Al-Sharief (@Raysharief)

1 – Wake by Degree Of Arc

Mohammed Gharaibeh (@MohammedGha)

1 – The Last Song I’m Wasting On You by Evanescence

2 – When Words Kill by Against Myself

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