Lovely Things: Music Of The Week (11)

No comments or thoughts on this one, just a quick update. Please enjoy the music.

1 РColdplay РHypnotised ( From the upcoming Kaleidoscope EP)

2 – Depeche Mode – My Joy (From Songs Of Faith And Devotion album)

3 – Archive – End Of Our Days (From Restriction album)

4 – Flume – Drop The Game (From Lockjaw album)

5 – Near The Parenthesis – The First Surface (From Japanese For Beginners album)

Recommendations from the loveliest of music lovers:

Abdullah Babrouk (@iXabris)

1 – Country Death Song by Violent Femmes

2 – Empty by Kevin Abstract

Nidal Ghonaim (@nidalghonaim)

1 – Black Magic Woman by Carlos Santana

Ranad Abid (@LeZeldaa)

1 – Bullets by Archive

Mohammed Gharaibeh (@MohammedGha)

1 – Fiddler On The Green by Demons & Wizards

2 – Decima by Katatonia

Abdulsalam Ajina (@3jina)

1 – Fight by All Good Things

2 – The Reaper by All Good Things

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