Lovely Things: Music Of The Week (14)

Another Saturday filled music! Even though I’ve been listening to Spirit non stop, I still managed to stumble upon a couple of really cool songs Of course as always, lots of cool recommendations too!

(IMPORTANT NOTE: The Following songs aren’t part of the Spotify playlist, because they’re not available:

1 – Pascal (Vocals) from Nier Automata

2 – لن أعود للوراء )

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Lovely Things: Music Of The Week (13)

With the new release of Spirit (Depeche Mode’s 14th album), I decided to make this post dedicated to the album, which I wrote about and loved a lot! It’s one of those albums that’s gonna be stuck with me for a long time to come! I genuinely loved everything about it, it’s so refreshing. And of course as always, the recommendations from the loveliest of people keep coming. Please enjoy :D!

(IMPORTANT NOTE: The Following songs aren’t part of the Spotify playlist, because they’re not available:

1 – I’m God by Clams Casino

2 – For The Love Of Life by David Sylvian

3 – Schism by Tool)

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Thoughts: Depeche Mode’s Spirit

Yes, it’s here, it’s finally here. Depeche Mode’s 14th album is now officially out in the wild. My favourite band is back with a new record… I need to talk about it, I have to talk about it, because I’ve listened to it for more than thirty times so far, and with each time I listen to the album, it grows on me even more. A lot of people claim that the last three albums sounded a lot similar to each other, which makes sense because all of them were produced by Ben Hillier. So what did the band do? One thing, THEY MADE A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT ALBUM! It’s different in its sound, in its production, in its writing, in its atmospherics, and in its approach. This is by far the best Depeche Mode album since 1996’s Ultra. It’s an album that’s so focused thematically, with completely new sounds and subtleties. It’s just mind blowing how they manage to innovate and make such refreshing sounds after 36 years of making music. Both Martin and Dave’s songs sound properly genuine and great, and I can only imagine how amazing they’ll sound when performed live. If you’re a fan of Depeche Mode’s slow songs, fast songs, classic sounds, or even the bluesy stuff, this album will not leave you disappointed, because it has all of those and more!

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Lovely Things: Music Of The Week (12)

I believe that everyone who knows me pretty much knows how excited I am for the release of Depeche Mode’s 14th album Spirit, and with that said, there’s been a huge scarcity with music for me, because I’m pretty much been listening to Depeche Mode non stop in anticipation of the album! But hey, that doesn’t mean there weren’t new music this week, as a matter of fact, there are some pretty cool songs! So another week, another set of songs, and another set of recommendations. Please enjoy!


Next week though, you better be prepared. Cuz it’s all gonna be Depeche Mode mania!


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