Thoughts: Fantasy Stream

Saudi Comic Con was such a huge delight, it was one of those experiences that linger in your mind for weeks and weeks later. I met a lot of brilliants and talented individuals in there, and spending time with each one of them, even if for a couple of minutes, made me overjoyed with happiness.

As I was strolling around in the artist’s walkway of the convention, in the midst of the swarms of happy people checking things out, I noticed a table labeled “Fantasy Stream” with a pretty wonderful artwork made by the incredible Meeda. I approach the guys standing there, with smiles on their faces, having a set of discs arranged at the table, and a preview of their album. I picked up the headphones, and listened to a preview of the first three tracks titled “Sound Of Adventure” “Last Chapter” and “Feelings”. I knew right there at that moment that I was in for something special!

So here I am, writing my thoughts on the album as I finally got the chance to sit down and listen to the entire thing thoroughly. Fantasy Stream is an album made by the talented guys at Unison Aura. It’s an album that is inspired by fantasy music from video games and anime. So let’s not waste anytime and dive right into the track list!.

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Lovely Things: Music Of The Week (10)

No more delays this time! Music Saturday is properly back on track ya’ll. Now this week’s music is quite unexpected in a way. Mike Oldfield’s released a new record in the vain of his old work, I met the awesome people at Unison Aura and listened to their brilliant album Fantasy Stream, and randomly stumbled upon Deezer’s recommendations for some really interesting tracks.

And as always, wonderful recommendations, and I really like the fact that this week’s recommendations are incredibly varied. So let’s get right into it!

(IMPORTANT NOTE: The Following songs aren’t part of the Spotify playlist, because they’re not available:

1 – Return To Ommadawn by Mike Oldfield

2 – Ana Ne Olursun by Tuvana Türkay )

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Lovely Things: Music Of The Week (9)

Comic Con was this week, and there was no way I could’ve made this on Saturday as usual! But hey, that doesn’t mean Music Of The Week is cancelled for this week, just delayed for one day, It’s Music Sunday for this week!

The music of this week comes from a movie I watched a couple of days ago called “The Necessary Death Of Charlie Countryman”. Throughout the entire movie, I was just stunned by the beauty of it’s soundtracks, and I just had to dedicate this week for it.

And of course, just like every week, the amazing recommendations keep coming in! Please enjoy.

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Lovely Things: Music Of The Week (8)

Saturday is nice, it really is. You wake in the morning, recovering from the hectic and chaotic pace of every Friday, and just having a little bit of chill time with yourself, and in my case, it’s always chilling with music, that’s why I’m writing these posts every Saturday, because Music is awesome! This week’s list is quite varied, and has some stellar recommendations.

As for the special segment, as a celebration of Depeche Mode releasing their new music video for the single “Where’s The Revolution”, I have decided to make the special segment of this week about some of my favorite music videos! So buckle up, and get ready for beautiful visuals!

(IMPORTANT NOTE: The Following songs aren’t part of the Spotify playlist, because they’re not available: 1 – Maggie By Catherine Feeny. 2 – Gloomy Sunday by Rezső Seress)

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