Lovely Things: Music Of The Week (4)

I’m seriously starting to love Saturdays! It’s like they’re instantly associated with music now, which is really nice, because I don’t think I can get enough of good music. My love for Radiohead is more cemented this Saturday, as I spent most of the past week exploring more of their music, but I also got the chance to listen to some new killer songs!

As for this week’s special, It’s about song covers! I picked out a couple of song covers that are pretty good and does the original versions justice.

So… Let’s get right into it!

Oh no no wait… There’s something I gotta talk about first. That thing is Skeleton Crowd!

Faris Al-Sobyani and I make music under that name, we’re a band, and we enjoy making music! We’re gonna be releasing our first single very soon on most digital stores and streaming services. So to get you pumped up, here’s the artwork for the single done by Basma Mariki


Now let’s get into this week’s music!

1 – Radiohead – Daydreaming (From A Moon Shaped Pool album)

I’m currently in a phase where I obsess about a specific band, and I keep on exploring more and more of their stuff, and with no surprise, you get to find amazing songs. Daydreaming is one of those amazing songs from the band’s latest album. What’s fascinating the most is how the band manages to deliver something completely new in sound and style, which proves that they’re not one for sticking for a specific formula. Daydreaming sounds nothing like the songs I’ve heard from the band so far. It’s a mesmerizing ballad, that starts very weird and then transitions to a simple, sad piano tune alongside Thom Yorke’s devastated vocals, and some very shady backing vocals and ambient synths. It’s a song that will literally take you to places.

2 – Younger Brother – Train (From Vaccine album)

The intro of this song basically gets a hook, throws it at you, and never letting go! It has got to be one of the most captivating intros I’ve ever heard, setting the tone quite perfectly with some calm but very well structured build up synths. It creates this focused soundscape and atmosphere that manages to take the song from beginning till the end seamlessly. Then there are also some of the more dynamic parts further on where a surprising guitar line kicks in. The vocals are subdued, but deliver strongly, especially on the chorus. It’s an overall amazing song! This one should’ve been on the recommendation by Abdullah Babrouk (@iXabris) but I just had to put it here.

3 – League Of Legends – The Curse Of The Sad Mummy (From The Music Of League Of Legends Vol.1 album)

Never expected a League Of Legends song to get me hooked this much! Was in the car doing some errands with a friend, and he had the aux. He plays the song and I’m like “What is this? It’s so good!”. It’s a very sad song that tells a tale of a character from the game named “Amumu” and oh my goodness it has such a chilling crescendo! It’s a superb song, and I totally recommend watching the video while listening to the song.

4 – Emilíana Torrini – Hold Heart (From Me And Armini album)

What did I tell you before about Icelandic musicians? They seriously have got a unique in making their music, I don’t know what it is, but when you listen to it, it just feels…Icelandic. I really loved the vocals on this one, it has a lot of stretched words, and a lot of emotions and passion. Not a lot is happening music wise, but the singing is really nice. It’s super short though, which is bummer.

5 – Tycho – Melanine (From Dive album)

This is a definite feel-good track, it’s so soothing and made me feel really good when I first listened to it. I read that it’s a thing with Tycho to make tracks like this, and that honestly got my attention. It mixes some really soothing synthesizer sounds with acoustic guitar, which feels like this nice breeze of air! If you wanna sit down one day at the beach, early in the morning, and just wanna feel good, listen to this track.

Song Covers Of The Week:

1 – Smells Like Teen Spirit by Tori Amos (Originally by Nirvana)

Confession time: I like this version of Smells Like Teen Spirit more than Nirvana’s

2 – Narcissistic Cannibal by Earlyrise (Originally by Korn)

Earlyrise are a really nice band, they mostly play it safe with songs that feel pretty familiar in style and substance, but this cover of Korn’s Narcissistic Cannibal just shows how much they can pull off, and how much of a distinctive touch they can add to an existing song.

3 – Tainted Love by Marilyn Manson (Originally by SoftCell)

Marilyn Manson does a lot of covers, but this one stands out for me. It felt as if SoftCell’s version of the song was a demo, and Marilyn’s version is the final thing. I like both, but I definitely prefer this one.

4 – Hallelujah by Kate Voegele (Originally by Leonard Cohen)

One of my favorite covers of Hallelujah, it just feels more intimate and uplifting in tone.

5 – Strangelove by Bat For Lashes (Originally by Depeche Mode)

A Depeche Mode cover! It’s a very faithful cover, almost sticking to the original in all aspects, and while it’s nowhere better than the original, it’s very well made cover that feels fresh. Gotta love the bass!

Recommendations from the loveliest music lovers!:

Abdullah Babrouk (@iXabris)

1 – The Ninth Wave by Kate Bush

2 – Beauty Queen/Horses by Tori Amos

Sara Al-Zahrani (@ZahraniSara)

1 – Way Down We Go by Kaleo

2 – I Can’t Go On Without You by Kaleo

Ranad Abid (@LeZeldaa)

Exit Music by Radiohead

Mohammed The Magnificent (@_mhmdb)

Faris Al-Sobyani (@BlurryFaris)

1 – Fasateen by Mashrou’ Leila, Aziz Maraka, and Ressala

2 – Zad El Sheib by Jadal

Dunia A (@DuniaD_A)

Uprising by Muse

Basma Mariki (@Basmariki)

Shout 2000 by Disturbed

Mohammed Gharaibeh (@MohammedGha)

1 – My Lullaby by Ann My Guard

2 – Drive Home by Steven Wilson

Sultan Sahlabji (@AstralBarrage)

1 – Headlights by Tor Miller

2 – Jigsaw Falling Into Place by Radiohead

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