Lovely Things: Music Of The Week (3)

Sit back, put your headphones on, and relax, because we’ve got a lot of good music this week! Very varied picks for this Saturday, but let me tell you, they’re the stuff of legends. Some of them are from bands I knew for quite some time, but never really got the chance to listen to them properly, and others are completely new, I have never listened to a whisper they made. So yeah! Discovery with the known and the unknown, gotta love music!

There’s also a nice selection of live performances I really enjoyed, and amazing recommendations from awesome human beings!

No Depeche Mode this Saturday… Promise.

1 – Radiohead – Spirit Street (Fade Out) (From The Bends album)

Radiohead… The amount of times people have told me to listen to them is no longer countable, it seemed like I never could get into them. I listened to a couple of recommendations in the past years based on recommendations, but it never clicked. Now this song clicked alright! It clicked with me with such intensity, that I’ve been playing it on loop non stop! There’s no way I could’ve started the list without this, it’s an incredible song, one that I’ll probably won’t forget anytime soon. The funny thing is that this track should be on the “Recommendations” list, because it was recommended by Ranad Abid (@LeZeldaa) but I couldn’t, I had to start this post with this song, because it’s one of the best tracks I’ve ever listened to in a long time. Because of this song, I’ll probably start my Radiohead expedition pretty soon, there’s gotta be more amazing songs from the people who made this!

2 – Asgeir – Going Home (From In The Silence album)

I think it’s just a thing with Icelandic music to sound unique and new, which is totally the case with this song. I think Asgeir managed to deliver on this song with vocals full of misery and minimalist use of instruments that strikes a very subdued yet powerful sound. The small use of electronics also makes this track shine, alongside a wonderful singing melody. It’s a really nice track.

3 – Porcupine Tree – The Start Of Something Beautiful (From Deadwing album)

This is a pretty progressive track, as it starts with whispers almost and then the bass kicks in, and it just keeps on building up like that on a stable pace. But really, the bass line here is the star of the shows, and it’s complemented with really nice atmospherics. One of the twists of this song that I really like is the chorus. The transition from this very chill and atmospheric vibe to the upbeat rock one in the chorus was super powerful. This is followed by some nice vocals too, though the vocals are really overshadowed in the chorus. All in all, sick song.

4 – Massive Attack – Pray For Rain (From Splitting The Atom album)

Slow… Super slow song, which isn’t a bad thing. This song really takes it’s time, but it’s very well structured and packs a lot. The thing that captured my attention the most was the idea of changing the song direction almost mid way, because the song’s nature is kind of repetitive, but suddenly things change, and you get a more programmed vocals with the beats instead of the eerie ones from the beginning, and then it changes once again for the final part of the song to a pretty uplifting tone, with very explicit bass… Then it goes back again to the beginning. Felt like a full circle for me, which was very satisfying.

5 – Bat For Lashes – Seal Jubilee (From Fur and Gold album)

Talk about emotions on this one! Starts pretty ballad-like, and takes it’s time till it really shines and takes you out into this magical world. With vocals full of calm, only to slowly reveal that they’re full of sadness (And reverb!), and very subdued music too, similar to Going Home. It’s a very emotional song, and I think that’s the main reason I like it.

Live performances of the week:

1 – Spirit Street (AGAIN!) by Radiohead.

Thom Yorke starts by saying “Peace and love, no more idiots in charge, this is called Street Spirit, thank you, we love you, goodnight.” Then proceeds with the performance, and I don’t know, but I think part of a good live performance is how natural the performer is, and that statement in the beginning is proof of how natural and real Thom Yorke is. He’s so passionate about his performance, and it showcased clearly in this live recording. Also the singing from the crowd just adds a whole new layer of passion to this already perfect piece of a song, everyone’s engaged, everyone’s contributing, and everyone’s enjoying music, and Johnny’s playing the keyboard with the head of his guitar, the head of his guitar! Such an awesome live performance… Also that bit at the end, super cute!

2 – Eden by Hooverphonic (With Orchestra)

I really really love the entire orchestra album from Hooverphonic, and Noémie Wolfs is probably my favorite vocalist in the band history, so hearing her singing some of their old tracks such as “Eden” was something really nice, alongside the amazing orchestra. Or maybe I just prefer Wolfs over the Geike Arnaert because I simply started listening to the band with Wolfs, who knows! Anyway, spectacular performance.

3 – Djin by Mashrou’ Leila

Arabic music! Mashrou’ Leila are a talented bunch, super talented. Djin is my favorite song from them, and this performance just shows how good they can sound live + I really like the synthesizer’s sound here.

4 – Toilet Brushes – More by Nils Frahm

This is the true manifestation of passion, sit back, get a cup of a drink to your liking, and relax, because this is gonna be a long, weird, unique, and intense ride!

5 – The Song Of The Golden Dragon by Estas Tonne

Estas Tonne, the guys that can do wonders with a guitar. The amazing thing about Estas Tonne is that all of his songs are instantly much more enjoyable played live, and this is a perfect example. I love this song, I love this guy, and I love this performance.

Recommendations from the loveliest of music lovers!:

Abdullah Babrouk (@iXabris)

1 – Inni Mnih by Mashrou’ Leila

2 – Cemetery Gates by The Smiths

Sara Al-Zahrani (@ZahraniSara)

1 – One Sweet World by Ben Cocks

2 – Your Firefly by Ben Cocks

Dunia A (@DuniaD_A)

1 – E Minor by Other Lives

2 – Black Tables by Other Lives

Abdulaziz Al-Fadel (@AugmentedDivine)

1 – A Perfect Day Elise by PJ Harvey

2 – No Plan by David Bowie

Ranad Abid (@LeZeldaa)

1 – How did you love by Shinedown

2 – Hold me down by Red

And of course, Spirit Street, the first tracks posted!

Mohammed Gharaibeh (@MohammedGha)

1 – Sanctitude by Katatonia (Full live Album)

Shameless self promotion!:

You can probably see how much I loved Street Spirit, and I couldn’t hold myself, so I did a quick vocal cover of it. Give it a listen, and tell me if you like it! If you do, feel free to share it.

So yeah, another Saturday, another list of cool songs, right? I really hope you enjoy these tracks! And once again, send me your recommendations, because sharing is caring and stuff.

I’ll see ya’ll next Saturday!

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