Lovely Things: Music Of The Week (6)

Malik’s taking the backseat today. Yep yep, that’s right, we’re taking over, Faris & Abdullah! We’re gonna be sharing our favorite songs from this week, and why we think they’re cool pieces of music.

We think that this alone is kind of a special thing, so no need for a special segment, right? riiiiiiiiight? But of course recommendations are definitely here. So let’s get right into it!

But before that, just a quick thing. As you already know, Masquerading Crowd was released as our first single under the band “Skeleton Crowd”. There isn’t much to tell, since Malik already wrote about it last week. Give it a listen, and share it with your lovely ones, and if you like it, consider buying it, it would heavily support us.


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Thoughts: Welcome To The Family.

These are my personal thoughts of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, which I managed to finish recently. This post is spoiler free, but if you’re sensitive about all kinds of information, and would want to avoid any kind of details regarding the game, please come back after you’ve played the game and finished it.

There is no denying that the Resident Evil franchise has been going downhill since it’s fifth entry, with Resident Evil 6 being a disastrous, scripted, QTE – filled, and badly paced action game, and countless weak spin offs like Revelations 2 and Umbrella Corps. Resident Evil was dying, and it needed something fresh, something new. The series lost it’s identity, and the only way for it to survive was to once again have an identity and be relevant, and that’s what Capcom set out to do with the seventh entry in the series when it was announced back in E3 2016. They wanted to bring back the horror elements of the old RE games, while having a more modern approach to it by making it a First Person Survival Horror game, like most of the horror games available nowadays… And boy, oh boy not only did Capcom did it, but they also managed to make a horror game that is totally different, unique, and not shadowed by most of today’s modern First Person Horror games. It stands alone, and it stands strong! Welcome to the family, son.

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Lovely Things: Music Of The Week (5)

Another Saturday, another set list of music! But this one’s gonna be special, because as I mentioned in the last blog post, Faris and I make music under the name of Skeleton Crowd, and we released our debut single! So I thought I’d start with a song that we’ve worked on for quite some time, and we love dearly.

No special segments for this week, and sadly I’ll just give brief thoughts on every song. Recommendations are definitely here though, and great ones too!

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Lovely Things: Music Of The Week (4)

I’m seriously starting to love Saturdays! It’s like they’re instantly associated with music now, which is really nice, because I don’t think I can get enough of good music. My love for Radiohead is more cemented this Saturday, as I spent most of the past week exploring more of their music, but I also got the chance to listen to some new killer songs!

As for this week’s special, It’s about song covers! I picked out a couple of song covers that are pretty good and does the original versions justice.

So… Let’s get right into it!

Oh no no wait… There’s something I gotta talk about first. That thing is Skeleton Crowd!

Faris Al-Sobyani and I make music under that name, we’re a band, and we enjoy making music! We’re gonna be releasing our first single very soon on most digital stores and streaming services. So to get you pumped up, here’s the artwork for the single done by Basma Mariki


Now let’s get into this week’s music!

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Thoughts: Ubo #TheRedCurtains

On January 6th, 2017, the guys at The Red Curtains alongside the talented Amawri Ezayah launched their debut play in Jeddah’s Literary Culture Club’s Stage. I only knew about the play two days before it actually started, and I was pretty excited that something new and refreshing like this was happening in Jeddah, so I immediately jumped on board, and got myself a ticket. I attended the play, and experienced it from start to finish, and here are my thoughts on it:

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Lovely Things: Music Of The Week (3)

Sit back, put your headphones on, and relax, because we’ve got a lot of good music this week! Very varied picks for this Saturday, but let me tell you, they’re the stuff of legends. Some of them are from bands I knew for quite some time, but never really got the chance to listen to them properly, and others are completely new, I have never listened to a whisper they made. So yeah! Discovery with the known and the unknown, gotta love music!

There’s also a nice selection of live performances I really enjoyed, and amazing recommendations from awesome human beings!

No Depeche Mode this Saturday… Promise.

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