Lovely Things: Music of the week (2)

If this week’s picks had a theme, I think it would be melancholy! Most of the tracks here are very melancholic and atmospheric, except maybe for one, but they’re also very superb pieces of music that I just had to pick for this week’s post!

No Depeche Mode this week though (Only a live performance) but I figured I wanted to add another part to the posts with every week, and decided that this week will be about Live performances, because live performances are unpredictable, amazing, and just full of joy and passion! Finally, I added recommendations I got this week from lovely music lovers, and they’re all on point!

1 – Agnes Obel – Familiar ( From Citizen of Glass album)

Agnes Obel is a Danish Singer/Songwriter, I never heard of her before, and this is pretty much my first encounter with her songs, which immediately got me hooked. It starts very slow but very sublime and peaceful, spreading a very calm atmosphere, but once her vocals kick in and strings, harp, piano all meet together to create a wonderful and epic melodic tune. Also the low pitched vocals in the chorus (I’m not sure if hers or not) are such an amazing addition to the song.

2- The Beatles – While My Guitar Gently Weeps ( From “The Beatles” album)

Talk about covers leading to original songs! I was watching a movie called “Kubo and The Two Strings” and the movie had a cover song of While My Guitar Gently Weeps. I did not know it was a cover at the beginning, so with some searching I discovered that it’s actually a beatles track from 1968. The original gave a much more focused sound, and George Harrison’s vocals just kills it.

3 – M83 – Skin Of The Night ( From Saturdays = Youth album)

Cloudy is the word I would use to describe this track, it has some very strong and chilling vocal performance from Morgan Kibby, complemented with backing vocals from Anthony Gonzalez’s. Its kind of repetitive but also progressive by nature, which isn’t entirely a bad thing. It’s electronic/synthpop/synthwave done right, filled with atmosphere!

4- Sting – Inshallah (From 57th & 9th album)

Sting comes up with a surprising track on his new album titled “Inshallah”. It’s a song dedicated to all the immigrants who escaped on boats, filled with fear and anxiety of how their life would wind up. It’s a very emotional a track, and a very natural one too, not too stuffed with with instruments, but complemented with very simple yet beautifully executed melodies, followed by Sting’s distinctive and sad vocals. It’s a track that had an effect on me, and a track coming from one of my favorite musicians.

5 – Lilium – Sleep Inside (From Transmission of all The Goodbyes album)

Lilium literally came out of nowhere! It was one of the few times where I was thankful for YouTube recommendations. The group themselves aren’t really on the radar or famous, which is kind of sad, because the excellent composition that can be heard in this track is some of the best I’ve heard.

Live Performances of the week:

1 – Desert Rose by Sting, feat. Kamal Musallam & Rashmi Bhatt.

Desert Rose is a favorite of mine, and while the song is never complete without Cheb Mami’s vocals, Sting, alongside with Kamal Musallam and Rashmi Bhatt do an amazing job to give an already well established song a new touch, and even better, one that’s based completely with experimentation. Well done!

2 – Never Let Me Down Again by Depeche Mode (Touring The Angel)

I could post a LOT! of amazing Depeche Mode live performances (Devotional is probably my all time live concert!) but one thing I know for sure is that the best Depeche song played live is “Never Let Me Down Again”, and the performance of Playing The Angel’s tour was mesmerizing! I’ll always get goose pumps at Dave Gahan controlling the crowd with his waving near the finale!

3 – Barbarism Begins At Home by The Smiths (Do you mind? Live at El Dorado Theater)

The Smiths always sound superb live, but what I really like about this performance is how passionate everyone is! They’re so into it, they literally end up dancing like maniacs at the end on Andy’s bass line, and it’s awesome!

4 – Playtime by Yanni (Yanni live: The Concert Event 2006)

It’s Yanni, nuff said.

5 – Dernière danse by Indilla (Acoustic session)

I really like this song, and stripping it down to nothing but ukulele and Indilla’s vocals was not something I expected to sound great, but there she is with this amazing ukulele player (I couldn’t find his name!), killing it!

Recommendations from awesome music lovers!

Abdullah Babrouk (@iXabris)

1 – IAMX – Scars

2 – Aleph Eris – Excarnation

Rayan Al-Sharief (@BlueAngel288)

1 – Pain The Sky Red – To Everness

2 – Enemies – Play Fire

Ranad Abid (@LeZeldaa)

1 – Nightwish – While Your Lips Are Still Red

2 – Starset – Telescope

Basma Mariki (@Basmariki)

1 – Nightwish – Elan

2 – Nightwish – Rest Calm

So that’s it for this week! Once again, if you’ve got any awesome recommendations, please share it with me! I’d love to hear your favorite music.

With that, I’ll see you again on next Saturday!


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