Lovely Things: Music of the week (2)

If this week’s picks had a theme, I think it would be melancholy! Most of the tracks here are very melancholic and atmospheric, except maybe for one, but they’re also very superb pieces of music that I just had to pick for this week’s post!

No Depeche Mode this week though (Only a live performance) but I figured I wanted to add another part to the posts with every week, and decided that this week will be about Live performances, because live performances are unpredictable, amazing, and just full of joy and passion! Finally, I added recommendations I got this week from lovely music lovers, and they’re all on point!

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Lovely Things: Music of the week (1)

First post of the weekly music segment! Exciting stuff, discovering new music always gets my hearts pumping, and sharing them is even better! This week’s music vary from the dark, brooding electronica of IAMX’s Kingdom Of Welcome addiction, to the intimate and emotionally engaging ballad of Depeche Mode’s When the Body Speak.

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Lovely things will get lovelier… With Music!

I love music, you love music, and we all love music, and so I decided that I want to do a weekly blog post about music! I was inspired by MusicWeLove, and so I decided I’m gonna make a weekly segment (Part of lovely things) where I share my favorite music tracks of the week on every Saturday.

Music is cool, and with this I hope to share many lovely tracks with all of you, and at the same time, hear your recommendations. I’ll be posting 5 completely new tracks every week starting December 24th 2016, and it’s gonna go like that for every upcoming Saturday, always new tracks! (Except for Depeche Mode, there will probably be a Depeche Mode track every week, sorry.)

So yes! Without further adieu, here’s the first post!