Thoughts: A duel to remember.

This blog post contains spoilers for the game “Furi” If you have not played the game yet, or didn’t defeat the 8th boss, please don’t read this post until you do so (Unless you don’t mind spoilers)

You walk on shores forgotten by time, you’re calm and steady, your hand is positioned on your Katana-like sword sheath. Eerie ambient music is playing in the background. Where are you? You’re at the edge of the world, almost on your way out of this “Prison Universe” and to your freedom.

“What would you do if you had an eternity to do nothing but wait?” Asks the bizarre rabbit head figure that accompanies you through the journey.

“Do you keep busy? Do you daydream? Do you freak out?”

You keep on walking through the shore, not giving attention to what the companion is saying.


The amazing area of The Edge.

“He trained…” The companion continues, setting the tone for the battle to come, giving you exactly enough information about what you need to know about the upcoming guardian that awaits. He trained for an eternity.

“Nothing else matters to him but this fight with you. This will make his die, his life! Mastery of his art, fulfillment of his destiny, and all that nonsense.” The companion says in mockery, but you know it to be true. The entire design of the area, the music, the tension that’s just thrown at you shows how much this guardian has dedicated his life to this single duel.

“How can someone get so into something that nothing else matters?” The companion asks in frustration, and then continues rambling about his personal work. But it doesn’t matter, because the moment he asks the question, the dark synths kicks in, giving such an intense vibe to the music, giving you a sign that the battle is nearing.

You notice a dock, and start heading towards it. As reach the end of the dock, you see a white haired figure, just like you, sitting and looking at the waters. He stands up, and says without looking back. “You sure took your time, I was concerned you wouldn’t make it this far.” he says so simply, with no emotions whatsoever. He grabs his two Katanas and says “This is a big day for me.”

You unsheathe your sword. “I’ve been waiting a long time for this moment.” he says, while two of you walk in circles, getting ready for battle. “Let me show you.” He simply says, and the fight starts.

maxresdefault (1)

The Edge Guardian.

This is the setup of Furi’s 8th boss in the game, which I personally felt that was so on point! It just gives you the necessary vibes to showcase an idea of what’s to come. And I also like this boss fights specifically because how different and distinctive it feels from the other bosses in the game. Let’s start with structure.

First, in Furi, all boss fights share a similar structure. Each boss is divided into phases that can be as long as 6 phases. Each phase represents two health bars, one that can be drained by shooting beams from your gun, or attacks with your swords, and once the first health bar is depleted, you start a close quarter combat with the boss, that focuses on the melee side of combat. You keep doing that in each phase, until the boss is dead.

The 8th boss (Let’s call him The Edge) is different. There are no guns or beams, there are no two health bars. It’s an actual duel, a fight sword to sword. 4 phases, each is mainly focuses on the essence of what an actual sword fight is. Even health wise, every hit you get, almost takes a quarter of your health, and the same applies to the boss. The setup of the boss made it clear that this was to be a unique fight, and it sure was!

Second this I wanna talk about, is the phases. All the boss fights happens in an arena, and it always stays in the same area. The Edge’s area is big, it’s a shore, and doesn’t really feel like an arena, and once you finish the first two phases of the fight, he simply utters “Let’s see how predictable you think I am now!” And jumps into the dock’s long way or path, turning the perspective of the game from a 3D one, to 2D. He changes his Katanas to a big boat paddle, and the entire structure of the fight changes, it becomes more personal, more focused, and much more challenging.


The change of perspective.


The transition of the 3rd phase of the fight.

Third thing is similarity. The Edge himself looks, fights, and acts so similar to the main character. He is almost a doppelganger, and let’s be honest, fights with characters that are almost identical to you are so intense in awesome. I was just oozing with excitement and hype throughout the entire fight because of that fact.

Finally, difficulty. This is a challenging fight, totally not an easy one. But it almost makes you use everything you learned from the game so far, because it requires perfect reactions, and focus. The game’s parry system is one of the main pillars of combat in the game, and throughout the bosses you fight, there’s still a small forgiving pace to how they play out. A missed attack would only deplete one part of your health, and a perfect parry would offer an execution like attack that does a lot of damage. With The Edge, each hit you get takes out a quarter of your health, so focus is key, and whenever you get a perfect parry, it only results in an even clash that does no damage whatsoever, just pointing out how powerful and well trained this boss is. He even says “I want nothing but your very best!” throughout the fight, as if he’s speaking to you the player, and “Excellence is not an art, it’s pure habit. We are what we repeatedly do.” whenever you lose.

The Edge is an amazing boss fight, a great example of how you set up an intense battle, and how you design it’s structure and pacing.

AND THE MUSIC! I’ll let the track speak for itself!


I want to say that “The Game Bakers” has done an amazing job with this game, everyone should totally go play it, and experience all the fights, especially this one. If you’re a PS+ member, you can download it right now for free! It’s also available on Steam.

Till next time…



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