Story: Dead Flowers – #ENFAF (Day 2)

Abandoned by hearts, and betrayed by faith.

With a radiance of sorrow within, he no longer feels anything.

There was a time when he lived amongst the normal folk. An outcast, maybe, but not to his Maria. Continue reading →


Story: Doom Fellas – #ENFAF (Day 1)

“Hey bob, how about we skip town?” Said the Aegean cat, sitting near the rooftop vent.

“Wait, what?! Why would we do that? The people here are doomed by this plague, and it’s almost time for human extinction, and you wanna skip town? Are you an idiot Stan?” Replied back the American Bobtail, hanging from the corner of the rooftop, looking at people soffucating on the streets from the sickness, while others are raiding gorcery stores for supplies, as they try to escape the plague. Continue reading →