The Day I Met Darkness and Silence -#ENFAF (Day 14)

Darkness… Such a peculiar thing.

It’s presence is dispersal, horrifying the hearts of many. The sensation of not knowing your surroundings, not seeing colors. The quite vibe, and it’s cold grip in our souls… Such a terrifying thing.

It’s overpowering, humongous, and it’s everywhere around us.

Yet… A small little candle can disperse it. Defy it’s will in all costs.

Darkness… Such a peculiar thing. So is Silence…

It’s presence is just as spread, it plants tension, and it spreads fear, making you notice the smallest of things around you. Making unable to stop thinking. It makes you yearn for something you’ll never get. It’s quite, and it’s distressing.

But those are not the natural state of things, or are they? I cannot tell you for sure. We live in the rays of light, and the chaos of sounds. It’s in our daily routine. We work all day long, and cope with the light and chaos of sounds. We dismiss darkness and silence, we hate it, we fear it, yet at the end of the day, we yearn for it.

Since ancient times, it’s been this way. We reach a point where all colors and sounds slowly faint away… disappearing. We revel in these moments, we relish! And then it’s interrupted, and we wake up again, continuing to condemn both of them again.

It’s seen, it’s felt, it’s heard, but it’s never found. It’s core is buried underneath layers of castigated interpretations.

It’s unknown, and we don’t understand the unknown… No until our eternal resting.

And my time has come.

So I welcome and embrace thee. Come Darkness, come silence. Take me to your unknown kingdom, take me to my final resting place. You shall be my light, and you shall be my sound.

I welcome and embrace thee… My ancient friends who have always been at my side. I accept you as who you are, with your peculiar beauties. I accept you as my saviors.

Take me… Dissolve me… and let become one with you!



I hear…

I see…

Darkness is gone, and silence too.

It is not my time, not yet. I must not dwell in my thoughts. Darkness and Silence… Such ancient evils. I am awake now… I am awake now.

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