Story: Homeward Bound – #ENFAF (Day 11)

This Is Where Death Begins…

The old dwarves used to live in the heart of the mountain, carving their homes from the very rocks of humongous peak. They have thrived for eons inside the mountain, crafting the finest of weapons and armors in their eternal forges. But great things don’t last forever…

It’s been years since any of the dwarves have been sighted near the mountains, for they dare not come near it. Unspeakable evil lives inside, and the mountain has become forsaken. Some say demons have taken domain inside, others say it’s an ancient race wanting revenge, but no one’s certain of the stories, as no one has ever set foot on the mountains since it was lost.

Now the dwarves live in all corners of the world, alongside the humans and other races. Some would even say they’re oppressed, as the race that was once great, but has fallen from grace. They’re mostly found as blacksmiths, forgers, and mechanics in cities and villages.

No one had ever thought of actually exploring the mountains, they were all filled with fear…But there was a young dwarf and his twin brother that thought they should be the first. They decided to set out on a dangerous path, not to reclaim their lost home… But to retrieve their great grandfather’s lost treasure.

Words on a diary.

I missed the mountain days… I missed them dearly.
We would spend the mornings on the forge, striking on anvils with no hesitation. We loved it, and we reveled in it. We made axes of gold, swords of silver, and scepters of kings. Now we barely fire up the forge.
I wish I could spend one more night in my estate in the mountain.
Oh the Bazmami family name was once of great significance. We serve drinks in bars now… How low we’ve fallen.
I would do anything to get back to the glory days, and oh my, oh my! What would I do to be reunited with my precious! I left it in my chest just as it is.
I’ll be a dying man soon, and maybe one day someone would find my precious.
It was golden, roundy, and just pure spectacular! To whomever finds it, you’re in for a glorious treat!

Drifting in the darkness.

“Brother, are you ready?” Asked Bron.

“My axe is sharpened, and that’s all a dwarf needs to be ready. Shall we Dron?” Replied Bron.

“Let’s go.” Dron said, and they both ventured inside the shadowy mouth of the mountain.

The twins walked in careful steps, as everything around them was broken and dead. A swarm of ravens flew past them, as if they were escaping from something. In the darkness, the twins drifted away, and suddenly they started to realize that maybe it’s a mistake they came here, and there’s no reason to stay anymore. Though it was to late, for the mouth of the mountain closed behind them, as the ravens flew past them. There was no turning back now.

They continued moving forward, until they reach the courtyard of houses. In the courtyard, many gates stood, each one representing a family’s house. The Bazmami house could never be missed by the dwarves, for their sigil was engraved in the gate. Two axes crossing each other on a golden circle.

“Who dares enter my domain?!” Said a heavy voice.

“We’re the Bazmami!”

“And we’re here to take back what’s ours!”

“Nothing’s yours anymore… Prepare to meet your doom.” Replied the voice to the twins.

A giant beast, with a head of a snake fell down to the courtyard. He knocked the twins away with his tail. But the dwarves were hard as rocks. They stood up once again. They tried attacking him, but the beast was nimble. He bit the first Bron on the neck, and the dwarf fell to the ground, but as the beast was biting, Dron slashed his axe, cutting the beast’s head. Black smoke came out of the beast’s cut neck, and manifested into a horned figure made of smoke.

“I take many shapes and forms… If you think you’ve won, think again.” Said the beast, and vanished.

Dron went to help his brother get up.

“Bron, are you alright”

“I’m… I’m not feeling well, brother.”

“Worry not, we’re almost there. The beast’s gone.”

Dron held his brother around his shoulders, and they both entered the family’s house. They finally reached their great grandfather’s chambers, and found the chest.

“You’ve found what you sought. Now perish with it forever!” Said the beast, as he destroyed the courtyard completely, shutting them inside, with no way to escape.

“Damn you, beast!” Screamed Dron.

“Open the chest brother… Let’s see Great Grandfather’s precious…” Said Bron, slowly dying from the snake’s poison.

Dron approaches the chest slowly, takes a deep breath, and opens it.

“What is it brother? What’s his precious? Is it worth it?” Asked Bron in pain.

“Cheese… It’s a round bundle of cheese…” Answered Dron.

He took it out, sat next to his dying brother, and cuts to pieces, one for him, and the other for his twin.

They eat it, and lay on the ground, laughing like two mad men.

“Damn you Great Grandfather, Now I understand the golden circle in the sigil.” Said Dron.

“May you burn in hell” Said Bron.


They both ate the cheese, and perished…

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