Thoughts: Morals.

This post is part of the Ramadan Blogging Challenge. You can find the details of the challenge over Here. So, let’s get into it.

I figured I’d mainly talk about Morals in my first blog post of the challenge.

I would like to start with a question. What is morality? I believe the answers to this question are subjective, and can be quite divisive. Morality is a very broad subject after all.

I like to make things simple, and so my answer to this question is also simple.

Morality is differentiating the right actions and thoughts from the wrong ones. That’s my definition and answer to the question.

Seems like a pretty straightforward answer, right? So where’s the issue exactly? There isn’t one necessarily, but there is an angle that can make things far more interesting, and just overall deepens the answer. That angle being “Understanding right and wrong”

The very foundation of morality is connected to the idea of good and bad, right and wrong, and before being able to differentiate between them, we need to understand what’s good and bad, understand what’s right and wrong.

Now every single one of us has personal good things and bad things, for an example, I think Video Games and Stories are very good. But these personal preferences of things that I find good, doesn’t really make me understand what it means to be morally good. Same applies for anyone else.

So what are the factors that are going to help me understand moral goodness? I’ll tell you what. It’s things that have a long term effect. For an example, Happiness and Self Satisfaction. These are things that are usually related to the moral codes of every human being. Hanging out with friends late at night can make you happy, but it might not make for a very pleasant morning. Thus, this happiness doesn’t really have a long term, making it a personal type of happiness or satisfaction. How do you achieve a long term state of happiness and satisfaction? A touch of peace.

Let’s say your in a street one day, and you’ve found a very sick poor man on the ground. You know it for a fact that if you gave him some food, it’ll make him feel better. Now for taking such an action, a person would usually need reason. Here comes the role of happiness and peace. By helping the poor guy, a lot of factors are going to be present here, yet they all go back to the same concept of Happiness and Peace.

The duty to reduce harm? Happiness and Peace. Generosity? Happiness and Peace. Preference of satisfaction? Happiness and Peace. So in a sense, if our reasons for the actions we do are somehow related to the idea of Happiness and Peace, then it’s probably “Good Morals”

Some would argue that this isn’t really the case, and that maybe it’s just desires, and that morals don’t really exist. But these are just my personal views on the whole concept of Morals.

I don’t wanna make this post any longer, as I tend to talk about this subject in more detail in the upcoming Fridays.

With that, I bid you farewell.

Until next time…


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