Story: At the diner’s – #ENFAF (Day 10)

“Ok… Here this out” Said Jack to his friend, Rick.

“Jack, cut the crap. I don’t wanna hear another one of your ‘Philosophical’ and extremely random question.” Rick replied back.

“No… No no… No no no no!” Said Jack and took a sip of the cup of coffee immediately. “Seriously, listen. What if the dinosaurs were never extinct back in the Jurassic period? What would you do with them?”

“Really, Jack? Really?”

“Stop being boring and answer. You’ve been sitting there, eating your eggs and hash-browns without uttering a single word!” Shouted Jack.

“Quiet!” The waitress shouted back from the kitchen.

“Sorry…” Jack said, taking another sip once again.

Rick took another bite of the eggs in his plate. His plate still had plenty of food in it, as he was a slow eater.

“I don’t know, Jack. I’d probably… Be dead. Yeah, I think I would be dead.” Rick answered his friend very briefly.

“Haaaaa… You’ve got no brains!” Said Jack, while waving his right upwards, implicating Rick is a nor brainier.

“Here we go…” Sighed Rick, knowing that his friend will share his ‘Revolutionary Idea’ with him.

“If I was in your place… I’d build a dinosaurs wonderland!”

Rick spits out the coffee sip he took, laughing hysterically at his friend’s answer.

“What’s so funny?” Asked Jack.

“What’s so funny? A dinosaurs wonderland is! You think dinosaurs are just gonna be all like: Hey! Take us! We won’t fight back! We will pose for everyone in this wonderland! Maaaan… Shut up.”

“Screw you, Rick. You just don’t appreciate imagination.”

Rick puts down his fork and knife, and looks Jack in the eye.

“Alright, tell how you’ll do it.”

“I’ll start with building big ass cages for them.”

“You don’t even have money for this breakfast. discussion ended”

“Can’t you once finish a proper conversation?”

“We do this everyday for god’s sake! What if you could fly?! What if you could eat forever?! What if you were immortal?! It’s getting stale!” Shouted Rick.

“I said quiet, goddammit!” The waitress in the kitchen shouted back again.

“Sorry…” Rick said.

“So, what do you wanna talk about then, Mr.Can’t discuss like a human being?” Jack asked.

“I don’t know… Maybe tell me all your discussion topics for the entire month, just so we can avoid them?” Said Rick with a laugh.

“Screw you, man” Jack replied back, flicking his friend off.

Rick continued eating his food, while Jack bumped up a cigarette. Silence filled the air for a bit…

“What if…” Jack said, but was interrupted by Rick.

“Goddammit, I’m outta here” Rick said, and started walking out of the diner.

“Wait, Rick! You didn’t pay for the food… I don’t have any cash. Rick? Riiick!”

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