Story: Dead Flowers – #ENFAF (Day 2)

Abandoned by hearts, and betrayed by faith.

With a radiance of sorrow within, he no longer feels anything.

There was a time when he lived amongst the normal folk. An outcast, maybe, but not to his Maria.

She raised him since he was a child, and treated him as her own. He was a son to her, but an abomination to folk.

The deformed hunchback did not have to ability to think, nor could he speak normally.

But his heart was pure, with a radiance of holiness. Maria always taught him to treat people with kindness, no matter what, and that one day, he’ll be rewarded for his deeds.

Whenever he’d go to sleep, she’d put a blooming red flower next to him, and say “All’s good, Matthew. All’s good.”

He felt a sensation of comfort and peace whenever he saw the flowers. It was his silver lining, his only connection to the goodness of this world with his Maria.

Time passed, and the hunchback would always help Maria in all of her chores, until the day she died.

His heart was broken, and his conviction was no longer clear… Yet that wasn’t what broke him.

The normal folk accused him of her death, and imprisoned him. An Iron Mask with no locks was made, and it was used on his face. “Demon!” They called him

“Half wit!” They screamed

“Murderer” they uttered.

No one wanted to look at his face, for they hated him for a sin he never committed. For his innocence, he was rewarded with imprisonment, and an ever lasting mask.

Years passed, and the hunchback would always think of his Maria, and the red flowers, until came the day of his execution.

He was dragged to the gallows to hang. The hunchback was scared, for he did not want to die.

The executioner melted the back of the mask to remove it, and the pain Matthew felt made him cry and scream like a little baby.

The rope was around his neck, and the executioner at the handle.

The hunchback opens his eyes, for one last look at this world. He looks downwards, and finds a blooming red flower sprouting from the ground.

He smiles, and utters the only word he ever spoke in his life. “All’s good.”

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