Story: Born of irony – #ENFAF (Day ten)

“Oh, dear Natalis. It is only natural of us to exist” Said the vampire while clicking his fingers through the arm chair.

“Silence foul creature! You are the offspring of demons and their sorcery!” Replied Natalis as he took out a stake and a hammer.

“I’d prefer… Mankind’s evolution”

“A vampire with a mouth… splendid”

The vampire stood up, which made the hunter shiver for a moment.

“You needn’t worry… I won’t harm you. I merely want to converse”

The sound of water dripping from the ceiling and unto the squeaky wooden floor, played with the hunter’s nerves, and made him nervous.

“Be quick about it, demon”

The vampire took a step forward, and pointed his index finger at the hunter.

“Answer me this Natalis… What are you?”

“What do you mean?”

“My question was clear”

Silence filled the hall for a bit.

“I am Natalis son of gwen, the great lord of…”

“A HUMAN!” Screamed the vampire and broke the chair with his fist.

“What gives you ‘Humans’ the right to judge us?!”

The vampire eyes glowed red in the dark, and his fangs became visible. The hunter stood still, and remained focused.

“Corpses don’t get to ask questions…”

The vampires laughed.

“Last I heard, corpses lie in the dirt”

The hunter hardened his grip on the stake.

“There are bountiful of us vampire hunters, you won’t survive”

“Bountiful or not, you humans proud yourselves great, when you’re weak, conflicted, arrogant, and fragile. You didn’t even answer my question”

“I’ve no time for questions!”

“I’ll give you two choices, leave… or stay and die”

“Leave? Over my dead body!”

The hunter plunged himself like a sword piercing a heart. But time slowed down as the vampire gazed upon his prey and smiled.

“Over your dead body, indeed…”


“It is said that Sir Natalis the bold sacrificed his life while hunting

The great vampire, Lord Milosh.

For his great deeds, the family has preserved his body with spell

to remind people of his bravery…

  • Excerpt from the book: History Of The Folka Family. 1408”


(2088 – Present)

The cyborg entered the decayed yet bright bar in haste. Smell of iron and concrete surrounded him.

He sat on the corner booth with an informer.

“What do you have for me?”

The informer drank a shot of vodka as his glassy right eyes twitched.

“Well Natalis, an assassin’s been murdering some people in the block, alongside breaking some of our drones. Boss’s not happy about this, so he put a nice bounty on his head. You in?”

Natalis grunted.

“A thug… Fine someone else”

“Listen to me Natalis, that honorable knight bullshit you keep talking about is no more. It ain’t medieval times anymore. So get a grip, and take the job”

Natalis had no choice but to accept. He went to the last known location of the assassin.

Looking through the scene with his augmented eyes to search for clues… He heard footsteps sound.

He looks back to find a shady looking person, wearing a black leather coat, a top hat, and a bandana covering his face.

“Hello, dear Natalis”

The voice was familiar to Natalis.

“Who are you?”

The shady individual took off the bandana and said

“Answer me this Natalis… what are you? A cyborg… or an augmented corpse?”


“Ironic… Don’t you think?”

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