Story: One last tune – #ENFAF (Day seven)


“To my dear Gina…

I’ve missed our little gatherings in your father’s garden.

Playing with our flutes, and erasing reality.

I’ve missed the days where we spent nights on the lonely hills.

Spreading music with the cool breeze.

I’ve missed you, dearest student…”

She walked alone in a road filled with life and beauty, heading to the university.

It would take 2 weeks to reach it by legs from her village. But she already knew that, and was willing to make the journey there.

As she was walking through the road, holding her pink ribbon wrapped flute, a young man approach her with his mare.

“What’s a little girl doing all alone in the road?”

The little girl was always afraid of stranger tales and what they do to lonely people in the road. She embraced her flute and walked in a faster pace.

“I don’t talk to strangers” she said

The young man let out a small chuckle.

“Do I look like a shady individual?” The young man asked.

The man was bright and young, and had a peaceful aura all around him.

“Not really… but still, doesn’t change the fact that you’re a stranger” She answered

His face maintained that peaceful smile. He reached his hands to her and asked

“Where to?”

Still with a bit of hesitation, she answered.

“The university…”

“On foot?! You’re joking!”

He grabbed her from her shoulder, and sat her down on the back of his mare.

“I’m on my way to the city, I’ll drop you by in the upcoming town. Take the main road from there, and it’ll lead you straight into the university” He said with a smiley wink.

She sat there in silence, still embracing her flute.

That silence went for too long, until even the mare himself started neighing out of boredom.

The young man had to do something to break the ice.

He reached to his saddlebag, and took out a water pouch, and presented it to the little girl.

“Thirsty?” he asked.

She didn’t reply, but accepted the water none the less.

As she drank, the young man was curious.

“What’s a little girl like you want from the university? Aren’t you a bit young for that?”

She closed the pouch, and handed it to him.

“I’m meeting someone there”


She looked to her flute and replied.

“My flute teacher”

The young man thought that it was still weird for her to travel on the road all alone.

“Must be a very good teacher… what about your parent? Why didn’t they accompany you?”

“I ran away from home, they wouldn’t let me go to the university”

He was shocked by the answer, yet he respected her for making such a bold decision. You don’t find lots of people dedicated to certain goal, he thought to himself. Let alone a little girl.

He wanted to keep on asking more… but she started playing her flute, as the sun was going down.

Magical tunes pierced through his heart like a sharpened spear.

He didn’t dare to stop her, and he knew that teacher was special.

All he could was listen to the music, feel it, and embrace it.

For it was a magical moment…


“I still didn’t finish my travels, for there is still a lot to get done.

But I needed to send you this message, because there’s something urgent that you need to know.

I’d like to make a request…”

She had walked out of town for 2 days now, and was heading straight into the university, after thanking the young man, and spending a night in the town.

The university was near, and she couldn’t wait any longer. So she decided that she would continue walking in the depth of the night.

The moon shone bright, and trees moved steadily with the wind breeze.

The road was too silent in the night, and one could hear the smallest of sounds.

Yet there was nothing, just Gina, her flute, and the lonely moon.

As she walked through the suffocating night, he reached into a small satchel with supplies that the young man gave to her. She took out the last bit of cheese she had, and drank the last drop of water.

But she was near…

Suddenly, as she stares in front of her, red eyes appeared. And a wolf howled.

She froze, and didn’t know what to do. All while the wolf was approaching her slowly.

She did the only thing that she thought was logical… Running.

The wolf followed, for she was his prey. He bit her right hand, and made her fall through the bushes.

She tried crawling back a bit, and think of anything to do.

She took out the pink ribbon that was around her flute, and wrapped it around her wound.

But the wolf was not done. They shared a gaze, and out of desperation… She held the flute, and started playing a tune.

The universe was moved, and the wolf’s soul was cleansed. His red eyes went back to normal, and left the girl in peace.

That moment only made her believe in music even more, and to reach the university to meet her teacher.

She stood up, wiped away her teary eyes, and continue in the road.

For she was near…


“If you’re reading this message, it means that I have left this world to a better one.

I grew ill on the road, and it saddens me that I’ll be leaving you.

My request is… I want you to play one last tune for me before I leave this world.

I want to hear the magic of music, through your flute.

I want to feel alive again, like I used to before when we played together.

One last tune Gina… One last serenade for a passing old man.

To illuminate my soul… To illuminate my path.

Your loving teacher, Beranger”

She had reached the university, and knew well where to go.

She went straight to the cemetery, and looked through the ocean of stones to find the one that belonged to her master and teacher.

And eventually, she found it.

“In the memory of a man who breathed the tunes of old”

She fell to her knees, and a waterfall of tears burst out of her eyes.

She took off the pink ribbon, and laid it on his grave stone.

“One last tune… One last serenade” she said.

The sun rose to her tunes. Birds gathered around. And his soul sat next to her, to embrace the only true type of magic.

The magic of music…


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