Story: Born of irony – #ENFAF (Day ten)

“Oh, dear Natalis. It is only natural of us to exist” Said the vampire while clicking his fingers through the arm chair.

“Silence foul creature! You are the offspring of demons and their sorcery!” Replied Natalis as he took out a stake and a hammer.

“I’d prefer… Mankind’s evolution”

“A vampire with a mouth… splendid”

The vampire stood up, which made the hunter shiver for a moment.

“You needn’t worry… I won’t harm you. I merely want to converse”

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Story: One last tune – #ENFAF (Day seven)


“To my dear Gina…

I’ve missed our little gatherings in your father’s garden.

Playing with our flutes, and erasing reality.

I’ve missed the days where we spent nights on the lonely hills.

Spreading music with the cool breeze.

I’ve missed you, dearest student…”

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Story: Pestilence – #ENFAF (Day one)


“You follow your own dogma you say?” Said the king sitting in his crimson throne.

“Then explain your actions of spreading heresy and vile ideas!”

On his knees, the bearded man got a hold of his soft beard, and moved his hands through it.

“Sweet and tinder ideas my lord… Nothing more” said the bearded man.

“Hypocrite martyr! What you do, you do for your own agenda!” The king screamed

“These are faithful people, and you are using them”

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