Story: Jude

“I’ve been walking these wastelands for a long time, you know…

And I’ve never heard the same tale twice.

 You see, people are unstable. They would always fabricate what they truly see.

 I had to ask myself … Why?  It became very clear after I met her…  The truth isn’t interesting.

The truth doesn’t satisfy nor justify our needs”

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Yellow Notebook

We are all, by some means, loyal. To someone, to something, to an idea, or a place. We belong by natural disposition to something of our choosing, hence defining and defending our restrictions in case any insurgence should occur. In a civilised world, most of us (I’m looking at you, Kuwait) have passports that tie us to certain cultures despite our unwillingness to adhere to them. We are children of that land, that is the basis of the system. Problematically, however, for citizens of wonderful Arabia, this appears to not be the case. Whatever land you were born on is of no concern, the real concern is “where can we dump you?”

I’m legally Yemeni, as Yemeni as Yemen gets. My passport is navy blue with a hawk or an eagle or whatever that squinty bird in gold is. I speak my dialect fluently, a gift of my culturally-proud parents…

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