Thoughts: Dragon Age Inquisition


This is not a review, nor a professional opinion. These are just my personal thoughts about Bioware’s latest installment in the Dragon age series 

96 hours, and 32 minutes … That’s how long it took me to finally finish Dragon Age Inquisition.

As I’m walking through the beautifully well detailed desert of the Western Approach, one of the many big areas from the game, I reach an old ruin. There I put my dragon bait, after finishing countless tasks for a Dragonologist and his research … Waiting for the ancient creature to appear.

Drums play with choir version of the game’s main theme.

“Boss, I just wanted to tell you, You’re the best!” Iron bull says since his admiration for dragons is beyond description.

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Greetings, fellow wanderer!

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So, my name is Abdulmalik Zubailah, and this is my blog.

I enjoy writing various things (Mostly stories) and share my thoughts on specific topics.

A lovely baldy friend of mine suggested in twitter that making a blog or site in sharing your work should be extremely useful, and I thought to myself “Why not?!”

So here it is! I’ll be sharing my works and thoughts in here 😀

You’ll see some lovely stuff in time.

Until then 😉